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Dental Services

Throughout our entire life, the teeth and supporting structures are very important for a variety of functions including eating, smiling and speaking. At the same time, however, the oral cavity is susceptible to many diseases, most commonly but not limited to dental caries (cavities) and periodontal disease (gum disease). Modern theories suggest that these conditions are caused by a multitude of factors - mostly lifestyle and bacterial related, meaning that it will affect us for the rest of our lives as long as we have a mouth! There is no definitive cure, but rather we need continued maintenance to keep the oral environment in good health.


Eventually if these diseases are allowed to progress, it may give rise to much discomfort leading on to severe oral and systemic infections as well as tooth loss. This is why regularly seeing the dentist for a check-up is important. It is our aim at Dr Bo Jiang and Associates as oral health professionals to educate, identify and prevent oral diseases to give you a better quality of life.

Preventive Dentistry
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  • Oral examination

Regular dental check-ups are important in identifying disease risk factors as well as any early signs of tooth decay, gum disease or oral cancer. Many undiagnosed medical conditions are first recognised through careful inspection of the mouth such as diabetes and viral infections.


  • Scale & polish

In conjunction to brushing twice daily and flossing, a professional clean will be able to identify and remove the dental calculus (commonly known as tartar/scale), which is comprised of mineralised bacteria that gets built up over time on our teeth and is not possible to remove through normal brushing and flossing. It is common to have calculus build up in small amounts, though it irritates the gums and is detrimental to our oral and overall health.


  • Digital intraoral x-ray & camera

For further clarity and aid in diagnosis and identification of disease.


  • Dietary & lifestyle advice, oral hygiene education

Many dental diseases are lifestyle related, thus many things we do can put our oral health at risk. If identified earlier, the damages can be minimised or reversed.


  • Preventive fissure sealants

Normal tooth anatomy contains complex grooves and fissures which trap bacteria and are unreachable by toothbrush. These, however, may be sealed off at an early age to prevent cavities from occurring.


  • Restorative dentistry (fillings)

Where the decay has been unattended to, the tooth structure will become weakened and infected with bacteria. This infected portion of the tooth is then removed and a restorative material is put in place. The predominant material we use has changed over time from traditional metal to tooth coloured fillings. Each material comes with advantages and disadvantages depending on the case. Most importantly, it is essential to understand that no filling material is as strong as the original tooth structure and restorations will have a limited lifetime.


  • Mouthguards, splints

For those in heavy contact sports, a mouthguard adapted to their mouth is important for reducing trauma to their teeth. Splints are often made to manage jaw dysfunctions as well as those who have bruxism (clench and grind their teeth).

Preventive Dentistry
Children dental treatment brisbane

Ensuring that our future successors grow up smiling.


In Australia, there are still many cases of untreated tooth decay in children. This is due to lifestyle choices that impact on oral health (such as high sugar intake) exacerbated by the fact that young children are incapable to take control of their own oral health. Educating children and parents about oral health care will reduce and prevent problems in the future. Furthermore there are issues that need to be addressed that are not present in the adult dentition and are much easier corrected whilst young - such as the need for orthodontic treatment.


Click the picture on the right to find out more about Medicare CDBS!

Dental for Children
Dental for Children
Medicare child dental benefit scheme bulk billed
Smile white fillings veneers tooth whitening bleaching

Using a variety of modern techniques to create a beautiful smile


A simple way to remove external discolouration from your teeth. See our promotions!


  • Porcelain veneers

Thin, beautifully crafted porcelain shells that bond to the tooth surface for an aesthetic look.


  • Tooth recontouring

For teeth that have endured wear or have sharp edges, we can reshape these teeth to suit you.


  • Tooth coloured restorations

Where there are defects or decay, a tooth coloured filling material can be placed

Cosmetic Dentistry
Cosmetic dentistry
Dental emergency toothache broken tooth lost filling brisbane
Dental Emergencies / Toothaches

Dealing with acute symptoms as soon as possible to avoid further damage and discomfort


Broken teeth or lost fillings should be looked at by a dentist as soon as possible.  We understand the distress caused by toothaches and trauma. It is our philosophy to resolve your concerns as swiftly as we can.


We are also able to find options for broken dentures (false teeth) or crowns that have fallen out.


Please call in as soon as possible, our contact details and opening hours are here.

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Restorative Dentistry

A means to replace lost teeth to achieve an attractive appearance as well as restore lost function


  • Crown & bridge

A more extensive dental restoration technique that is essentially a cap encircling the entire tooth or implant for protection and strength. Commonly used for teeth with compromised structural support, such as brittle teeth after root canal treatment. Crowns can be made from various materials and can be done over two appointments. A bridge is a fixed partial denture that replaces adjacent missing teeth consisting of one or more crowns on a natural tooth or implant. Teeth require maintenance, especially those that have been restored, thus all crowns and bridges must be brushed and flossed daily to ensure all plaque is removed.​


  • Dentures (false teeth)

For cases where there have been numerous teeth lost, where impractical to use other conservative methods. A partial or full denture made from either acrylic or a strong metal alloy (cobalt-chromium) can be made to restore aesthetics and function. We can also repair, adjust or reline your existing dentures.


  • Dental Implants.

Dental implants are a great method to replace a missing tooth or multiple teeth. It can be thought as a artificial tooth root made from a strong biocompatible metal submerged in the jawbone.


After a consultation with our dentists, we will assess your jaw and your overall health to see if you are suitable for dental implant therapy. A special 3D x-ray is usually taken (available at North Lakes Dental Group) to further plan to be ready for the surgery. For more difficult cases, we may refer you to a trusted specialist.

Once the surgery is completed there are a number of options available to connect artificial teeth/dentures to the implant from us which would have been discussed at the very start.

Restorative Dentistry
dental Crown bridge implant cerec denture false teeth ceramic porcelain gold
Dental Implants
Tooth Extractions

Although it is ideal to keep your natural teeth, sometimes it is favourable that a tooth should be removed. This may be due to reasons such as extensive tooth decay, loose teeth due to bone loss from gum disease, fractured teeth or planned removal for making space for other teeth in orthodontic treatment. Whichever the case, we will do our best to ensure a caring, compassionate approach for the most appropriate option for your long-term oral health.


Following the procedure, you may experience swelling and soreness that should settle down over the next few days in which pain medication can be taken. It is advised to take it easy for the rest of the day and avoid physical exertion for a while. At this point in time it is important for the extraction wound to close and heal, You should still exercise normal oral hygiene procedures except for the extraction site whereby only very gentle rinsing will be adequate. Over the next few days, soft foods and warm salt water rinses are recommended. You will be advised by our team to avoid smoking and alcohol as this will disturb the healing process and may result in a very painful condition called dry socket

tooth extraction brisbane wisdom teeth surgery
wisdom tooth removal extraction brisbane narangba warner surgery
Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth, or the third molars begin to come through between the ages of 17-25. Sometimes this poses no problem, however with the majority of the population these pesky teeth either do not have enough space in the jaw or come through at a funny angle to cause pain or infection.


It may be a good idea to remove them at a young age because later on this may become much more difficult to extract and will take longer to heal. There are always risks involved when performing the surgery as lower wisdom teeth are sometimes close to the inferior dental nerve that provides sensation for the lower jaw. It is rare, however, possible that whilst the tooth is being moved it may bruise the nerve which causes temporary (being days to even years) or permanent numbness of the jaw.


We will most often refer or take a full mouth x-ray (OPG) to assess this and depending on the circumstances we may carry out the procedure for you in our clinic.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

From a deep cavity, the bacteria may enter the pulp chamber of the tooth and trigger an inflammatory response. Since it is in an enclosed environment there is a build-up of pressure inside of the tooth which leads to the death of the pulp chamber. If delayed or left untreated, the infection will become more extensive and can result in an abscess formation, chronic inflammation and eventually loss of the tooth.


When this happens, the only way to save the tooth is through root canal treatment. There is a common misguided association between root canal therapy and pain. It is in fact that the treatment is done to alleviate the pain from pressure build-up due to inflammation inside of the tooth.


This is done in a number of appointments, where the end results in removal of the infectious agent and sealing the root canals to prevent reinfections. Due to the amount of tooth structure lost from the decay and root canal treatment, it is most often recommended to restore the tooth with a crown to brace the weakend tooth from fractures.

Root Canal Treatment
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Root Canal Treatment
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